Maps | Shimlar
(exp) Level 1  Ankhgora (exp) Level 1  Asbarun (exp) Level 1  Darkmoor (exp) Level 1  Jagan (exp) Level 1  Nar Hob (exp) Level 1  New Haven (exp) Level 1  Palaor (exp) Level 1  Silverdale (exp) Level 1  Torogaar (exp) Level 5  The Sewers (exp) Level 10  Shimwood Forest (none) Level 14  Royal University (exp) Level 15  The Wilderness (none) Level 16  Perpetrators Bay (none) Level 19  Bladeforge (none) Level 20  Erathias Magic Shop (none) Level 25  QuestMaster Hut (none) Level 30  Dwarven Armory (exp) Level 30  Enchanted Forest (exp) Level 66  Demon Gate (shadow) Level 75  Lair of Temptation (none) Level 80  Temple Of Shadows (exp) Level 100  Talorn (mastery) Level 105  Chellinias Tavern (none) Level 135  Xandor Kingdoms (exp) Level 140  Camelot (exp) Level 145  Dino Park (exp) Level 150  Essence of Malice (exp) Level 155  Fluffy Forest (exp) Level 200  Area 51 (exp) Level 200  Catacombs (gem) Level 200  Forest of Jewels (none) Level 250  A long passage following a river (none) Level 250  A small room carved out of the stones (none) Level 250  A wet and dark Tunnel (none) Level 250  A wet and darker Tunnel (gold) Level 250  Caverns of Loot (exp) Level 250  Dimension of Chaos (exp) Level 250  Dwarven Workshop (none) Level 250  Estates Hill (exp) Level 250  Underground Network (none) Level 260  Scorched Dunes (exp) Level 275  Forest Kingdom (exp) Level 300  Dimension of Light (exp) Level 300  Temple of Chaos (exp) Level 300  Triumph Battlefields (exp) Level 325  Temple of Order (exp) Level 350  The Shadowmist (gold) Level 360  The Abyss (none) Level 375  Camp Jelly Jam (exp) Level 400  Pelagon Playground (gold) Level 425  Sky Terminal (gem) Level 450  Gem Pond (none) Level 475  Stormy Ocean Depths (exp) Level 480  Open Water (gem) Level 500  Ancient Cemetary (exp) Level 550  Pelagon Preserve (gold) Level 650  Bountiful Bay (exp) Level 700  Pelagon Lair (gem) Level 750  Isle of The Jeweldrake (exp) Level 850  Pelagon Cliffs (exp) Level 1,000  Pelagon Summit (gold) Level 1,025  The Badlands (exp) Level 1,050  Isle of Forgotten Souls (exp) Level 1,200  Fort Stronghold (none) Level 1,250  Blackmoor Asylum (none) Level 1,300  Fallen Temple (gem) Level 1,400  Unknown Dungeon (gem) Level 1,425  Shipwreck Cove (exp) Level 1,450  Blackmoor Prison (gold) Level 1,500  Abandoned Mine (exp) Level 1,600  Realm of Suffering (gem) Level 1,800  Castle Arpharazon (exp) Level 2,000  Mount Toshax (exp) Level 2,150  Alkoorn (exp) Level 2,300  Ether Malum (gem) Level 2,400  Gem Mine (none) Level 2,500  Desert Sands (exp) Level 2,600  Naturia Forest (exp) Level 2,800  The Graveyard (gold) Level 2,900  The Fog (shadow) Level 3,000  Heart of Temptation (exp) Level 3,250  Torture Chamber (gem) Level 3,500  600 Gems (exp) Level 4,000  Forbidden Forest (gem) Level 4,250  500 Gems (exp) Level 4,400  Vampires Tomb (gold) Level 4,500  El Dorado (gem) Level 4,750  400 Gems (exp) Level 5,000  Pelagon Palace (gem) Level 5,250  300 Gems (exp) Level 6,000  Temple of Ultimate Wisdom (gem) Level 6,200  Final Seven (exp) Level 7,000  Pyramid Level 1 (gem) Level 7,500  Seven Sins Altar (exp) Level 8,000  Pyramid Level 2 (gold) Level 8,500  Hidden Treasure Chamber (gem) Level 8,750  Temple Sanctuary (exp) Level 9,000  Pyramid Level 3 (shadow) Level 9,500  Pelagon Spire (exp) Level 10,000  Pyramid Level 4 (exp) Level 10,500  Nest of Arachnids (exp) Level 11,000  Pyramid Level 5 (gem) Level 12,000  Gillans Island (exp) Level 13,500  Mount Olympos (gem) Level 15,000  Hall of Veterans (gold) Level 16,000  Atlantis (exp) Level 17,000  Deep Atlantis (gem) Level 18,500  Paradise (exp) Level 20,000  The Underworld (gem) Level 21,000  Alexandria (exp) Level 23,000  Elysium (exp) Level 25,000  The Void (gem) Level 27,500  Plane of Immortals (gold) Level 30,000  The Sphinx (exp) Level 32,000  Elysium East (gem) Level 34,000  Shimlarian Restaurant (exp) Level 37,500  The Darker Void (gem) Level 42,500  Mc Shim (shadow) Level 50,000  Fires of Hell (exp) Level 52,500  Goblin Nest (gem) Level 55,000  Hall of Angels (exp) Level 65,000  Sith Lair (gold) Level 70,000  Silent Mountain (exp) Level 80,000  Old Lore (gem) Level 90,000  Great Valley (exp) Level 100,000  Swamp of Sadness (gem) Level 110,000  Gem Forest (exp) Level 120,000  Dark Continent (gold) Level 125,000  Cave of Wonders (shadow) Level 130,000  Shadow Forest (exp) Level 140,000  Forsaken Cave (gold) Level 145,000  Cave of Wonders GF (none) Level 150,000  Marble Forest (exp) Level 165,000  Gate of Oblivion (exp) Level 200,000  Hoarfrost Reach (gold) Level 205,000  Cave of Wonders 2F (exp) Level 250,000  Desecrated Crypt (exp) Level 320,000  Rock Valley (exp) Level 360,000  The Treacherous Deep (gold) Level 400,000  Cave of Wonders 3F (exp) Level 430,000  Metal Fortress (exp) Level 500,000  The Center of Shimlar (exp) Level 530,000  Elemental Bastion (exp) Level 600,000  Citadel of Darkness (exp) Level 675,000  Vampires Sanctuary (gold) Level 700,000  Cave of Wonders 4F (exp) Level 750,000  Tartarus (exp) Level 825,000  Ancient Forest (exp) Level 875,000  Nothingness (exp) Level 940,000  Pits of Hell (gold) Level 990,000  Cave of Wonders 5F (exp) Level 1,000,000  Gargoyle Keep (exp) Level 1,100,000  Vista Hill (exp) Level 1,250,000  Jura Forest (exp) Level 1,500,000  Pelagon Quagmire (exp) Level 1,800,000  Temple of Veeshan (exp) Level 2,200,000  Sanctuary Hills (exp) Level 2,500,000  Pelagon Mausoleum (gold) Level 3,000,000  Cave of Wonders 6F (exp) Level 3,250,000  Mt Fujikasane (exp) Level 5,000,000  Pelagon Savanna (exp) Level 6,250,000  The Ycehl Ashlands (exp) Level 7,500,000  Pelagon Archipelago (gold) Level 8,000,000  Golden Cavern (exp) Level 10,000,000  Pelagon Abyss (exp) Level 15,000,000  Pelagon Ethereal Realm (none) Level 666,666,666,666  The Jail