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27th May, 2023

Shimlar has reset! Previous Round Length - 2 month, 22 days



Clan Power multiplier reduced from 7x to 5x

Jackpot Removed

BT Modifiers split up into each of the 7 categories, instead of all-in-one

BT Pricing readjusted. Cap is 500% now (max of 800% with 300% regular BT)

Moonfang can now be dropped by ANY class in the drt/det gem pool (1% chance)

Estate Sharing is removing due to upcoming estate changes (some are in, but nothing to do yet)

8th April, 2023

Recent Changes:

Added a new game mode: Ironman!

Full details are on the dropdown at character creation.

Self sufficient account - You do everything yourself with minimal help

Can purchase BT buffs at Royal University (same spot as inventory). Up to a max of 700%!

Max cap of 1000% with Bonus Time modifiers (PBT is disabled)

5th April, 2023

Recent Changes:

Added dropdown for mass mything to select max IC you want to myth.

Fixed bug with PBT giving too many buffs on initial trigger. Increased max to 300% once top player hits 3M

Modified all emotes (/like, etc) to be targeted. /like [name]. Old ones still work too.

Buffed Godly Air & Axe from IC 15 to 18. Buffed Godly Claws from 1.5 / 0.2 / 1.5 to 2.5 / 0.3 / 2.5

Fixed newer str gems for wolf on pebble machine. Text was not applied to them.

Added ability in settings to switch 'new fight' to left side.

Shields now give a 10% IC Debuff if you have godly earths equipped instead of 0. Fixed issue with 1x weapon / 1x shield not working at all.

Updated the CLASS TYPE ERROR to be more precise in what is incorrect.

6th March, 2023

Round has reset! Previous round lasted 3 months.


Quest gold nerfed by 35%. XP buffed by 15%

12th Feb, 2023

Class Changes:

Sword: 1% -> 2.5% Weapon IC

Sword: Godly IC increased from 27 to 37

Axe: Godly IC increased from 12/13 to 15/15

Mace: Godly IC increased from 15 to 20

Air: Godly IC increased from 11/12 to 15/15

Cold: Godly IC increased from 27 to 32

2nd Feb, 2023

Special Monster Changes:

Tier 1 (normal rate): Elder, Fool, King, Merchant, Saint, Undead, Assassin, Defender, Wizard, Harlot, Glutton, Maniac

Tier 2 (3x harder to find): Enigma, Illusionist, Veteran, Fanatic, Mimic, Trainer, Scoundrel, Warlock, Spectre

Tier 3 (6x harder to find): Hero, Villain, Wraith, Guardian, Overlord, Brute

Tier 4 (12x harder to find): Colossus, Executioner, Champion

Tier 5 (Special Tier): Master, Reaper

Executioner: +7 Weapon / -1 Armor to 10 Weapon / -2 Armor

Wraith: 1x stats to 2x stats

Maniac: 1x stats to 2x stats

Wizard: 1x stats to 2x stats

Fanatic: +1 all to +2 all (fun fact, was only +1 AC this whole time)

Champion: +1 Armor to +4 Armor

Tracker Academy Changes:

I-II: No special monster equality

III+: T2 special monster equality

VI+: T2-3 special monster equality

IX+: T3-4 special monster equality

Brute (profession): T2-3 Special Monster Equality

/specials command updated to reflect tier list. Also a splash of fresh paint on it.

Any future special monster additions will likely be T4 or T5 only.

13th Jan, 2023

Expanded purses to account for end game content past 250k. See /purse for details

4th Dec, 2022

New round! Previous one lasted for 3 months, 2 days.


Mystic adjustements for all classes

Ancestral adjustements for all classes

Major godly overhaul/rework for all classes

Werewolf is now STR based. Putting points into DEX does nothing.

Primary gems for werewolf are sunstone (instead of opal), dragon fang, moon fang (not required to progress), and wulfenite (instead of lazurite)

Godly Staff/Earth users use Godly Earth/Staff for their equipment (instead of using shield/heals for armor). Your gear setup becomes FT heavy instead of fang heavy.

Godly shield/heal classes are disabled (no accuracy) until I rework them. Ran out of time and staff/earth/shield/heal take more time than the rest.

30th Oct, 2022

Quest Changes:

Fixed issue where renown was ignored in algorithm

Zones level 1-6,000 now spawn 2-4 quests guaranteed

Zones 6,001 to 100,000 now spawn 1-3 quests guaranteed

Zones 100,001+ now spawn 1-2 quests guaranteed

30th Sept, 2022


(NEW) Sunstone (sun) - Increase STR

(NEW) Aquamarine (Aqm) - Steal Enemy STR

(NEW) Sapphire (Sap) - Decrease Enemy STR

(NEW) Wulfenite (wul) - Sapphire + Rogueite fusion

Amber no longer increases STR

Iolite no longer steals enemy STR

Garnet no longer decreases enemy STR

Pyrite now requires Sunstone instead of Amber for fusion

Kunzite now requires Sapphire instead of Garnet for fusion

Kyanite now requires Aquamarine instead of Iolite for fusion


Added Sunstone, Aquamarine, Sapphire to gem drop pool #1

Added Aquamarine to gem drop pool #2

Added Sapphire to gem drop pool #3

Added malachite to gem drop pool #2 & #3 (was previously only on #1)

Gem Drop Pools 4-6 unaffected (fang and more rarer gem pools)

Added Hiddenite + new gems to quest gem pool

Added Wulfenite, Blood Tour, Blood Ruby, Blood Fang to quest fusion gem pool

Starting next round, werewolf will drop sapphire instead of opal as a class gem

Starting next round, werewolf will drop wulfenite instead of laz as a class gem

Gems (not wulfenite) added to clan mine default pool

Added Wulfenite to Precise Mine III, Lucky Mine, Resourceful Mine, Elemental Mine, Fusion Mine, Legendary Mine, Very Rare Metal, Exquisite Clan Mines

Added Wulenite to Nice & Superb Gem lists

Added Sapphire to Very Nice Gem lists

Added new gems to common Rock Polish pool

Added Sapphire to uncommon Rock Polish pool

Added Wulfenite to special Rock Polish pool

Fusion Machine: Aquamarine + Sunstone = Sapphire

Fusion Machine: Sapphire + Rogueite = Wulfenite

Added Wulenite to Dwarven, Manic Miner, Bone Collector 2 conquests.

Added Sapphire to Fangtasitc & Bone Collector 3 conquests.

3rd Sept, 2022

Shimlar has reset! Round Length - 2 month, 3 days

Welcome Ladder as the new Owner! With Tinheadz hosting the domain. Thanks to mental for upgrading some backend infrastructure too.

New Facebook Group with the update post HERE

New Discord

New Server - Should except faster response time and I'm pretty sure that daily lag is gone.

Balance Changes -

Fixed Renown issue that was triggerd under certain conditions (lowering PBT for other players)

Questmaster now accepts Mala7 up to 200k (was 100k) and Mala8 up to 1M (was 500k)

Warlord Profession now has 15% Critical Damage Boost

New Profession - Bonesetter. Level 17,500 and gives +15% Critical Chance & Critical Damage

Malachites are now untradeable

Cannot Trade, put on Market, Enchant Gear, or put in Clan Armory

Co-owner of Estate cannot deposit/withdraw

NEW CLASS - Werewolf

Str based class (currently from testing, dex build better. Will change in future)

Claw upgrades provide bonus damage, hit chance, and critical chance

Gains an enemy dex bonus upgrade if both claws are myth or ancestral (godly does not require this).

Class Bonus is 1.15x hit chance and 2x Critical Damage

Lazurite has a 125% effect on werewolves

[New Gem] Moonfang (mof) - Drt/det rarity. Werewolves do not drop det (so drt/mof). Also can drop as class gem in lazurite pool. Contains the properties of Dragon Fang (75% effect), Azurite (100% effect), and Lazurite (100% effect). Only werewolves can drop mofs!

Lazurite heavy build with fang/mof mixed in. Mofs are not a crutch for werewolves - very powerful and helpful, but kept rare on purpose and you shouldn't need a lot of them to progress nicely.

Non-werewolves are given 25% of the effect of moonfang.

New Title - Ripper: Drop Claw-Type upgrades (same numbers as all the rest)

Adjusted Fire myth/anc gear parameters to be slightly better

1st July, 2022

Shimlar will reset at 1600 ST (12pm EST)

Balance Changes -

Anc Bow given -2% enemy dex

Godly bow changed from IC*2 to IC*3

Anc Mace given +2% str

Godly Air Spell 1 reduced from +25 to +22

15th April, 2022

Shimlar has reset.

Round Length - January 21st to April 15th 2022


Fixed experience bug found for 100k+ leveling

Adjusting exp scale of 100k+ to account for fix (since it slowed everything down a lot)

Buffed godly mace from 3.5 to 4x hit chance on both weapons

Nerfed godly sword from 1.5 to 1.25 hit chance and 60 to 50 weapon class

Renown level raised from 15M to 25M

21st January 2022

Updated Alignment Names

Good/Evil = 100-249

Favorable/Corrupt = 250-499

Courageous/Nefarious = 500-749

Treasured/Malevolent = 750-999

Holy/Hellish = 1,000-1,999

Saintly/Depraved = 2,000-3,499

Angelic/Immoral = 3,500-4,999

Heavenly/Vile = 5,999-7,499

Celestial/Demonic = 7,500-9,999

Divine/Satanic = 10,000+

22nd October 2021

Shimlar has reset. See the changelog for recent and all changes during the round.

Previous Round Length: 3 months (July 30th - October 22nd 2021)

You can view the changelog here - FB Post

20th October 2021

Changes made since September:

NEW: NG+ (called renown)! When you are level 15M, you can head to 0,2 Royal University to reset your level and start over, with various buffs such as xp modifier, extra masteries, extra free level stacking, 100k profession buffs, and more! Everything is kept upon reset except gem/mastery conquests.

NEW: Player Titles! collect titles through your journey into shimlar, although some you might have to go out of your way for. Each title comes with 5 tiers that will display a different color in all chat messages. Very rare titles only have one tier. Currently, there are 42 of them with plans to add A LOT more.

NEW: When selecting a new profession, the list is now customized to remove older professions if your level exceeds 5x the level requirement (so 2k+ removes lv400 profession) 100k professions will always be visible once you can see them though.

NEW: Added each zone type to the outworld map, so you get a better idea of what each zones purpose is without opening the window.

NEW: You'll get an automated PM when someone else completes your quest.

NEW: Setting for disabling alignment of certain mobs. Now you can kill them without worrying about your alignment increase/decreasing the wrong way.

NEW: Gemhunter conquest will now display the zone you need to go to if you're twice the level requirement for the given step.

BUG FIX: Renown was bugged for female characters.

5th September 2021

Added 5 gear presets! Will save your layout and load it at will. Save preset button is customizable text. For now, it only checks your inventory but later it will check estate too.

1st September 2021

Teleportation customization! When teleporting, you can now hide zones you don't want in the list. You can toggle zones you've hidden in the settings tab in case you want to turn them back on (they will display with a RED background).

Changed Blood Paragon (vampires only) - Provides +1 IC and AC per 20,000 kills - up to 500,000 kills for +25

28th August 2021

Clan armory added! 15 slots that are upgradable up to 100. Leaders can appoint 3 quartermasters (in xandor) to be able to withdraw gear. Added quickbar as well with similar options like estate. Quartermasters have a purple [QM] tag in clan chat.

Quartermasters can also change the clan bonus.

A message is sent to each quartermaster upon adding or removing them (similar to co-leader message when appointed)

The clan armory quicktab will display if you're a quartermaster or not.

25th August 2021

Numerous minor additions added:

NEW: Conquest Blood Bank. Upon completion, awards Blood Paragon that is useful to vampires only.

NEW: command tab that shows all useful commands in easy location. Alot will self-execute upon selecting them.

NEW: /mala and /purse commands.

NEW: Examine option to inventory and estate screens.

NEW: Class Gem sorting to the Market drop down.

NEW: /clanneeds command. Adds what you're looking for and all clan members can see it.

NEW: Settings tab and moved dark_mode and number_notation here. All future customization options will go here.

NEW: Timers to top middle of game that display Server Time, Your Quest Timer, and the Bonus Timer that update automatically. Toggleable on/off in the settings tab.

NEW: Server Time and Quest Timer that update automatically.

NEW: toggle options for server time & quest timer displays.

NEW: /log command that stores all PMs sent and received.

NEW: Estate tab now has estates location & inventory sorting options.

NEW: Quest Timer clan bonus is now passive at 50/100/200 power for -1 / -2 / -3hr

NEW: Color coded /clanbonus. If the total power requires is RED, your clan doesn't have enough power. Green = activated.

NEW: Mob selection smart tracking. Remembers what you last fought so any interruptions won't result in the mob list changing or the list being empty.

BUFF: Changed Kinky Hunter Conquest from 1/30 to 1/15 drop chance.

BUG FIX: Class gems were giving the incorrect gems based on your class.

BUG FIX: Conquests with multiple drops (such as Bone Collector) were redropping their items under certain conditions.

30th July 2021

Shimlar has reset. Minor changes and bugfixes this round.

Previous Round Length: 3 months (May 7th - July 30th 2021)

You can view the changelog here - FB Post

15th May 2021

Added Earth & Staff classes to the game!

Updated /myth, /races, and /prof

Earth = Gnome / Earth Elemental / Basilisk / Medusa. Staff = Human / Kender / Afflicted Kender / Shadow Fiend

Godly effects buff NTL and STR to achieve the same power level as others.

7th May 2021

Shimlar has reset. A lot of work went into rebalancing all classes. You can view the changelog here - FB Post

2nd April 2021

Shimlar has reset. Due to the host fire and having to rebuild the database that happened at the beginning of March, here is the very long change log- FB Post

12th February 2021

Shimlar has reset. Previous round length: 12 weeks. Previous changes from last round and new round changes can be found here- FB Post

Brand new feature: Battle Info! Found next to training log, this will display all your available stats that you have equipped - gems, accessories, professions, gear, etc. It's stilla work in progress, but Character Strength, Zone Drop Chance, and Player Modifiers (only exp/gold atm) are fully functional.

Bonus Time is now displayed at the top. Personal BT is also displayed here, moved from Training Log. Both default to +0% if it's not active.

Instead of being confused by the level ranged on /gems and /fusion, I moved them to battle - Max Gem Power will show the maximum grade power you can use at your level; Fusion Machine Max (Gem) will show the max gem you can smash for FP; Fusion Machine Max (Shadow) will show the max shadow you can smash for FP.

Character Strength: Previously 12345. After killing a mob, it'll display your weapon/spell power and hit chance. I capped hit chance at 100 so it doesn't overflow.

Zone Drop Chance: These stats take the zones info and displays it to you all in one place! It also takes into account all bonuses attached, such as gems, BT, etc.

Profession Perk: Shows what perk your profession is giving.

Player Modifiers: Added a gem? Kill a mob and this'll show you how much is added to each effect. WIP though!


5th February 2021

Change log

List of changes since the last announcement:

* 1/11/21 - Added inventory counter after "last drop" so you know how much of your inventory is full at any given time.

* 1/12/21 - Added gem/shadow/purse/resource columns to the 'find similar monsters' page.

* 1/20/21 - Added a new gem! Atmashidade + Jasper = Petalite. See /fusion.

* 2/5/21 - Fixed the infinite hit chance bug that happened when I made the 3/1/20 changes to /myth % values. Reverted the changes from back then to their original values. Fixed a separate sword issue resulting in a similar bug.

* 2/5/21 - Suggested by Extr3me, gem grade restrictions will now be lifted if the average level of the top 10 players is more than 1,000,000.


6th January 2021

Change log

Took a nice long break mostly since last update. Today is changing the questboard so you can now sort by Experience, Gold, or Items. It will stick to your choice until you change it. Changes made in December were adding IC 21 and IC 22 droppers and changing /conquest to show what special and how many badges are required for Fleet Admiral and Mastery game conquests. Welcome to the new year!


20th November 2020

Change log

Welcome to Round 9! Round 8 was only 4 weeks old so shorter round than most, but had a lot of feedback from my changes and implemented A LOT of sweeping tweaks (aka nerfs) across tokens (max 300% now instead of 600%), professions, gems (atma/dia), accessories, and a lot more. See the FB link for the biggest changes.


23rd October 2020

Change log

Welcome to Round 8! The servers have also merged. Due to the amount of changed I implemented this round, this server will be used until the round is reset the next time, and shimlar.org will be the permanent home again and this one will close. All premium accessories are removed, and Bonus Tokens are in intervals of 125/150/175/200/300/400/600% now.


26th September 2020

Change log


Quests will now force-spawn 1 quest in the highest zone the top player can access, and also the zone they can access next.

Changed the way personal BT works. Instead of a 200% limit once the top player hits 5k, it is now a 50% limit at 5k+, 100% limit at 25k+, and 200% limit at 100k+

Added mass-myth option to Temple of Shadows. Will myth all your shadows until you run out of shadows or money.

Added shadow/mythic and gem/shadow/myth options to the mass-fp-smasher at the Fusion Machine. Can smash everything all at once!

Fixed an error in the lore of the Forge Ring that said it didn't stack with professions (it does).

Added a /forge command to show what bonuses the forge provides at each rank.

Added 'Clan Bonus' and 'Last Drop' above the monster selection menu when clicking. This will display your clans bonus and the previous gem/shadow you dropped.

Added 'Gold' and 'Banked' above a bank tile that displays how much money you have.

Added a 'Short Numbers' option under training log. This will convert all numbers to a notation form (100,000,000 becomes 100.00M, etc).

Changed the Tavern to be a singular mob that always hits you and you always hit it. Due to this change, masters will no longer exist outside the Tavern.

When examining items, it will now display YOUR stat too so you know if you meet the requirements.

Added a new profession - Banker (Req: lvl 1000). Provides 30% gold boost.


11th September 2020

Welcome to round 7 - Round 6 was 5 weeks.

Same timeframe as most other rounds, mostly due to all the bans I had to do for scripts and cheating...

See changes posted below this, but also changed Bountiful Bay - Lowered IC by 1, and lowered stats (1.84M last mob instead of 2.2M)


10th September 2020


Harvester Ring is now 2x resource drops instead of 3x

God of Fertility loses its resource chance bonus.

God of Thunder is also now 2x resources instead of 3x, and gains +50% resource chance.

Tigers Eye has received a nerf. See /gems for new values.

Changed the level requirements of XI+ droppers and XVI+ shadow-godly gear. check /myth for new levels.

Tourmaline can no longer be found in fusion.

Bloodrock has recieved a slight nerf to the IC given. See /gems for new values.

Ruby/BS has received a nerf to the armor given. It was also displaying wrong (showed +11 for grade 9 but actually was +9). See /gems for new values.

Old values were 0/1/2/2/3/5/6/8/11. However, it turned out it was displaying wrong, as grade 9 was giving 9 AC in reality, with similar for other grades.


1st September 2020


Adjusted Graveyard and Torture Chamber exp. Grind was a bit too slow in these parts.

Elysium East is now a level 32k zone instead of 35k. Lessens the time in void1 and bigger cap between EE and Void2. Gems reduced from 4-9 to 2-9.

1st Quest kill completion will now reward a 15% bonus instead of 5% - Was a bit low, so now it doesn't suck as much to finish on first mob.

Dying will now remove your open freelvls, to provide an advantage for leveling up immediately.


Clan Misc prices have been adjusted:

Magic Barrier V changed from 200Q to 3Q - not really used, seemed far too expensive for its effect.

Blade Sharpener V and Concentration Magnifier V changed from 500Q to 25Q - brings it down to acceptable levels to get in the early late game.

Force of Friendship V changed from 1 Quint to 50Q - was originallyu more expensive than TA4 which was superior to it and triggered these changes. Brings it in line.

Tracker Academy IV changed from 85Q to 250Q - Comes with FoF5 and is meant for end game, so price increase due to that.

Tracker Academy V changed from 400Q to 1.25 Quint - The most powerful building should be super late game.


21st August 2020

New Conquest added - Arcane Magistry

The location and gem required changes every 3 hours!

Always a grade 5 gem, but can be anything except a pebble.

Use /conquest to find the zone hint to pinpoint its location. Only the X/Y coordinates are revealed.

Reward: Minimap Teleportation. Use the minimap to teleport around the zone with ease! However, barrier zones do not allow this.


15th August 2020

Added resource information for zones under the outworld map.

Added clarification to drop rate of gems/etc.


12th August 2020

PvP zones now have a clan tax limit of 25%. Non-PvP zones unaffected.


10th August 2020

Added a 0.5% chance when dropping a gem that it is specific to your Class Type.

Added a second 0.5% chance (first, must pass first 0.5% check) when dropping a gem that it is a fused gem instead (laz/ob/bs) that is specific to your Class Type.

Fighter gem pool: Emerald, Moonstone, Opal, Dragon Fang, Frozen Tear, Rogueite, Lazurite

Caster gem pool: Pearl, Corrundum, Black Pearl, Demon Fang, Frozen Tear, Rogueite, Obsidian

Vampire gem pool:Ruby, Tourmaline, Pearl, Moonstone, Bloodrock, Bloodstone


7th August 2020

Round 6 has started. Round 5 playtime: 9 weeks.



Mass FP Smasher

There is now a mass FP smasher added to the fusion machine. For now, it will only smash gems. I've had it active on P2W server for several days with low reports of the same issue as before, but I think it is something else causing the issue because I have been unable to replicate the issue myself. Regardless, use at your own risk as gear might be overwritten.



Clan limit has been lowered from 12 to 8.


Clan Power Change:

Clans have been hitting the stronger abilities faster than I antipiciated, so these are now the new clan power ranks based on level:

1-149 = 0 power

150-299 = 1 power

300-999 = 2 power

1k-1,999 = 3 power

2k-3,999 = 5 power

4k-5,999 = 7 power

6k-9,999 = 9 power

1k-29,999 = 12 power

30k-99,999 = 15 power

100k-249,999 = 18 power

250k-499,999 = 21 power

500k-749,999 = 24 power

750k-999,999 = 27 power

1,000,000+ = 30 power


New Zone

A suggestion was a spider zone, so that is now made at level 10,000. Provides an alternative leveling to Py4/Py5 but it is quite stronger. Located 8,8 Realm of Suffering.


Leaderboard Rank

Added your leaderboard rank next to your name. Figured it'd be a nice small addition so you don't have to check tops for your rank.


Reborn Profession & Last 2 zones

The reborn prof has been defunct for awhile, not meant to be accessible for quite awhile. Due to the level bloating, this was achievable. Realm of Hades will be removed, with End of the Line being adjusted. Reborn profession is removed.


11th June 2020

Automated the quest checklist - auto-checks special killed while questing and resets when you find the right mob.


9th June 2020

Added 150 more inventory slots. Upgrade at the RU!

70->80 items cost increased from 25M to 30M

80->90 items cost increased from 30M to 40M

90->100 items cost increased from 40M to 50M

100->125 items costs 1B

125->150 items costs 50B

150->175 items costs 100B

175->200 items costs 250B

200->250 items costs 25T

Will look into a better inventory management system when I can, since things will probably get cluttered with so much space. total of 450 now instead of 150. Enjoy!


5th June 2020

Round 5 has started. Round 4 playtime: 5 weeks.




Flag, Description, Heal removed.

Shared House now costs 200m

Item Slots expanded to 4 upgrades (in order): 25 (50M) -> 50 (500M) -> 100 (50B) -> 200 (1T)

Notes: Was tricky to update, thus removing the components that aren't needed or used to make it work. Now I could easily go further than 200, if desired.


Clan Power

Now +15% increase every 4 clan members (was 7.5% every 5 members). Clan limit stays at 12.

Notes: People were advancing a bit too fast, so raising the clan power limits.


Conquest Charm

Legendary: 125% drop bonus -> 100%. 25% 3x conquest -> 50% 3x conquest.

Magnitude: +30 IC to wep2/spell2 -> +25 IC to all.

Fortitude: +45 AC -> +25 AC.

Notes: Were a little too powerful, especially Fortitude. Legendary & Magitude get a buff in exchange for a nerf. +45 AC was way too strong.


Clan Bonus

Exp/Gold decreased from +35/70/105/140/175% -> +25/50/75/100/125%

Notes: Was too strong.


13th May 2020

Added a catch-up mechanic to the game for those who have less time to click than others.

The formula will take the average level of the top 10 players and create a 'threshold' level. For every player under that level, a +10% BT stack will be applied to them. This can stack multiple times, up to +100% which is essentially 200% BT for players that meet the requirement.

Information about it can be found under 'Training Log'. It displays how much bonus you receieve until X level. Once you reach that level, you lose +10% until it goes to 0% (normal) where it will say "none". This mechanic will also not activate until a player has reached level 5k.

This bonus applied the same way as BT does - so boosts your exp, gold, shadow, gem, conquest, purse, resource, and mastery chances. The threshold level will not be set high so those who play often will still have an advantage, but should provide additional enjoyment for those who slack behind due to time restraints.


1st May 2020

Round 4 has started! ChangeLog

Round 3 Length: 5 Weeks.

Alpr Notes: No forge didn't seem to slow the round down at all but I think I will continue no forge for now. Trying to get some significant clan changes in before reset but not sure if I will be done on time. The aim is to make smaller clans more viable with power requirements and cost scale up depending on the number of clan members you have and also shorten the list of clan mines (while fun to make, people will always gravitate towards fang ones). Clan bonuses is finished and will do mines/misc revisions hopefully within the first week of the round to minimize impact in the same manner I did bonuses (scaling req & cost)


In case you don't want to view on facebook, here are the changes I made:

Modified clan bonuses to scale up to the number of clan members you have, reducing their initial power across the board so smaller clans aren't punished for less members. Larger clans are also not punished as the scaled up requirements are roughly the same as they were previously. The formula is currently set to +7.5% power added per 5 clan members, which I can easily change dymanically to adjust bonuses. This can always be found with the clanBonus command (/cb, /clanbonus)

Additional Clan Bonus changes (big one - no longer costs gold!):

Armor Class changed from [Power] 5/25/50/90/150 and [Effect] +3/5/7/10/15 -> [Power] 3/15/30/50/80 and [Effect] 3/6/9/12/15

Exp & Gold combined and set to [Power] 4/14/35/60/95 and [Effect] +35/70/105/140/175%

Drop Chance is split into Gem & Shadow and set to [Power] 5/20/40/65/100 and [Effect] +15/30/45/60/75% (previously combined for +10/20/30/40/50%)

Item Class changed from [Power] 20/45/70/95/155 and [Effect] +2/4/6/8/10 -> [Power] 3/15/30/50/80 and [Effect] 3/6/9/12/15

Quest Timer changed from [Power] 40/80/160 -> [Power] 15/45/110 (no effect change)

Temple Luck has been removed.

Double Hit Chance changed from [Power] 45/90/135/180 -> [Power] 20/45/70/120 (no effect change)

Mastery Chance changed from [Power] 30/60/110 and [Effect] +15/40/100% -> [Power] 10/35/70 and [Effect] +50/100/200%

Hopefully early in the round, I will give the same treatment to clan mines & clan misc buildings.


16th April 2020

Quest EXP overhaul is here

Done same way as gold was - it now goes off of the mobs base exp and multiplied by a formula to determine amount of EXP from that quest.

Added the # of levels you'll get for doing the quest, next to the exp value on the questboard.


8th April 2020

Please read the following statement: Here


27th March 2020

Color coded gear in inventory to better distinguish pieces, per a suggestion: View Here.

Changed how droppers work for armors - Helm/Gauntlets drop eachother, Legs/Boots drop eachother.


20th March 2020

Click 2 Win - Round #3 has started. Enjoy the new round! Round Changes: No Forge

Round 2 Length: 5 Weeks

Round #2 Observations: Golding for droppers didn't add as much time as I originally anticipated - the balance got pretty out of wack starting at godly gear. By Round #4, I hope to basically restructure everything starting at 1,300+ so progression is more spaces out, people stay in myth/ancest gear longer, and spread out gems further as well (5+ at least, possible 3/4 too) and readjust everything to downscale the game while improving the pacing. Max zone would be 1M (Ethereal Realm) for some reference, change godly requirements, etc.


12th March 2020


* Disabled Armor Bonus from Shields for Vampires.

Vampires are too strong in the early game, and after testing decided to remove shields as a viable option. Axe (for Exp) or Staff (for gold) will be the alternatives. Using Shields to MT still work - Its only the AC that doesn't.

*Changed bonus exp/gold for quests. +2% per special killed, with +5% bonus every 10 killed. +5% bonus on first kill only. Scoundrel has been added to the quest pool, bringing it to 25 total. 60% is the max amount now for 25/25.

* Added 5% chance to shatter gems when fusing. This mean you'll lose both gems and the FP.

* Downscaled Fusion Piece Accumulation across the board (Mythic XX went from ~900-2500 to ~60-240 FP). This wasn't made as a nerf however, and everything else is adjusted as such. I did this change because I found it unneccessary to have it scale so high up, when it can be a more refined system.

Adjusted Fusion Pricing

Adjusted Forge Pricing

Adjusted Conquests requiring FP

Adjusted Royal Fleet Admiral - lvl*75 instead of lvl*50 for each step (nerf), reward is 75% less (50% for other resources), and required badges are 50% less what it was before (buff).

Adjusted FP reward from raid items.

DID NOT adjust ancest/godly cost. They looked ok as they are, with me wanting godly to be more expensive since they are very powerful.

FP reward from quest reduced.

Might've missed a few things that give/require FP so let me know if I missed any. I think I got them all though.

Reset will probably be in 1-2 weeks from now, pending other changes if I can get them done. The pacing starting at 6k is pretty terrible. Considering sending godly gear up higher. Still need to raise level requirements of gear too back when I moved gear out of catacombs. Another solution is...do redo everything 6k+ lol which I am considering.


8th March 2020

Added an (X) to each piece of gear on the inventory tab. Clicking this will unequip that gear piece instead of having to go through inventory.


1st March 2020

Class Changes

Added a small, scaling buff to all class types except Bow/Drain.

Class Type is shown right above alignment, and is based on rhand/spellone slot. (buff applies to 2nd spell/weapon too!)

Class type is also based on whether dex or wis is higher. This inadvertantly kills weapon builds that use vamp gems.

Bow/Drain are unique classes and do not need further buffs for this part, which is why they are excluded.

Sword - +15% Critical Damage

Axe - +10% Critical Chance, +10% Max Masteries on /races

Mace - +5% Weapon Class

Staff - +2.5% Weapon & Armor Class

Shield - +5% Drop Chance (Gem, Shadow, Purse, Clan Mine, Resource) [GODLY ONLY]

Fire - +10% Hit Chance, +2% Spell Class

Cold - +5% Armor Class

Air - +5% Spell Class, +10% Max Masteries on /races

Earth - +2.5% Spell & Armor Class

Arcane - +5% Drop Chance (Gem, Shadow, Purse, Clan Mine, Resource) [GODLY ONLY]


/Myth Class Changes


Myth - 4% Dex / 2% Str / -1% Enemy Dex -> 5.5% Dex / 4.5% Str / -5% Enemy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex / 2% Str -> 5.5% Dex / 4% Str

Godly - 5.5*(IC+5/100) / 20*(IC+5/100) -> 6*(IC+5/100 / 30*(IC+5/100


Myth - 4% Dex / 1.5% Str / -1.5% Enemy Dex -> 4% Dex / 6% Str / -2% Enemy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex / 1.25% Exp -> 4% Dex / 6% Str / 1.25% Exp

Godly - 21*(IC+5/100) / 19*(IC+5/100) -> 25*(IC+5/100) / 25*(IC+5/100)

Staff - None for now. Had issue with dex going higher for vampires and possible other casters.


Myth - 4% Dex / 1% Str / -2% Enemy Dex -> 10% Dex / 2% Str / -4% Enemgy Dex

Ancestral - 4% Dex -> 10% Dex

Godly - 6*(IC+5/100) / 5*(IC+5/100) -> 7*(IC+5/100) / 6*(IC+5/100)

Bow - None for now. Working on it.

Shield - None for now. Working on it.


Myth - 4% Wis / 1% Int / -2% Enemy Wis -> 10% Wis / 2% Int / -4% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis -> 10% Wis

Godly - 6*(IC+5/100) / 5*(IC+5/100) -> 7*(IC+5/100) / 6*(IC+5/100)


Myth - 4% Wis / 1.5% Int / -1.5% Enemy Wis -> 5.5% Wis / 4.5% Int / -5% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis / 2% Int -> 5.5% Wis / 4% Int

Godly - 5.5*(IC+5/100) / 20*(IC+5/100) -> 6*(IC+5/100) / 30*(IC+5/100)


Myth - 4% Wis / 2% Int / -1% Enemy Wis -> 4% Wis / 6% Int / -1% Enemy Wis

Ancestral - 4% Wis / 1.25% Exp -> 4% Wis / 6% Int / 1.25% Exp

Godly - 21*(IC+5/100) / 19*(IC+5/100) -> 25*(IC+5/100) / 25*(IC+5/100)

Earth - None for now. Working on it.

Drain - None for now. Working on it.

Arcane - None for now. Working on it.


26th February 2020

Quest messages will now display +20/50/100% depending on # of specials killed to show the bonus you received for that quest.

Drops will now be defaulted to "Display" upon login, meaning it always tells you your drop. Can still be turned off in training log.


22nd February 2020

Quest Update - Quest reward will be given a multiplier based on number of unique specials that were killed.

Has to be unqiue and part of the 24 quest mobs. Illusionist and others that aren't on the quest tab do not count.

If it took 1 special to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 10% exp/gold boost.

If it took 8 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 20% exp/gold boost.

If it took 16 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 50% exp/gold boost.

If it took 24 specials to complete a quest, the reward will be given a 100% exp/gold boost.

If you switch quests and kill a special on new quest, your old quest data will be overwritten and lost.


12th February 2020


Reset Friday, 2/14/20 at 12pm EST (/time 18:00)


Quest gold has changed significantly. I redid the formula, to balance it throughout all rounds better. The goal is to bring back droppers needing to be golded for to add a lot of time back to the round. Early zones will see an increase of gold, while higher zones will be balanced more (instead of 400Q in cave of wonders, it'll be ~5Q).

Quest gold & exp values have had their displays changed - is now color coded for each tier (K,M,B,T,Q,Quint) and condensed to a more readable format (25T, 100k, etc)


Credit to Fred - When picking starter race, received gear is now customized. Instead of IC0 dagger/fire, you'll get:

Dwarf: Axe, Heal

Elf: Bow, Arrow

Dark Elf: Sword, Fire

Giant: Mace, Heal

Troll: Mace, Heal, Armor

Goblin: Shield, Fire

Angel: Shield, Heal

Gargoyle: Shield, Cold

Gnome: Shield, Fire

Human: Dagger, Fire

Fledgling: Shield, Drain


26th January 2020


[VAMP GEM CHANGES] - /gems and /fusion updated!

Goal: To make vampires require unique gems from everyone else, leaving def/det/ft gems to casters only, and make the gems not..suck.

Ruby - Smallest change here, but reduced armor from 0.7 per grade to 0.4 to match Bloodstones. This gem has always provided the same enemy wisdom bonus as Black Pearl, so /gems is updated to reflect that change. Required to make Bloodstones. Rarity to find unchanged.

Tourmaline - Will affect current vampire builds the most, since the 6x hit chance multiplier is moved to bloodstones instead. This is now equal in power to a black pearl, but you also gain the 'damage enemy' buff of a regular tourmaline as well, so it is slightly better. Required to make Bloodstones (instead of rogueite). Rarity to find unchanged.

Bloodrock - One of two primary vampire gems now. The added health is much smaller than before, but has the same power level as demon fangs as well. Rarity changed to be the same as demon fangs.

Bloodstone - Two of two primary vampire gems now. Requires Ruby + Tourmaline to make now. Gains the hit chance bonus that Tourmaline used to have, armor is reduced to 0.4 per grade, gains the wisdom boost from Tour + Ruby, and the heal is unchanged.

WARNING - At some point, I plan to make Demon Fang, Demon Tear, and Frozen Tear unusable to vampires. I will give ample time and help people convert gems however. Idea is to keep vampires to their four gems (tour, br, ruby, bs) entirely.

Enjoy the return of the Vampires!


19th January 2020


Added new conquest - Conquest of Champions! Located 25,25 wilderness, for every 5x conquests completed, you'll receive +1,+2,+3, etc double hit masteries per step! /conquests updated.


18th January 2020


Added Vampire starter race: Fledgling

Changed stats & masteries of every race. Keep this in mind when choosing starter races!

Updated Starter Races on Manual due to these changes. Don't expect often though since its a PITA to do.

Retired many races that do not serve a purpose from being selectable as a reincarnation.

Cleaned up Reincarnation menu in RU

Minimum level header instead of displayed on each race

Each race will display their best mastery category ([Axe], [Drain], etc)

Races lower than your current race will be hidden to clean up the race selection dropdown.


11th January 2020


Mount Toshax now provides +10 all masteries upon completion.

Conquests that give masteries (except Dojo) now add to your max total as well - meaning you no longer *should* wait until end game to do them as it no longer matters.

Non-raid items will no longer appear at the 1,8 raid spot in wilderness.

Adjusted fusion machine gem smasher level requirements. Were too high before.

/fusion now shows when you can smash gems for FP at the Fusion Machine

Godly gear now costs 68.75% less FP and 500% more Gold.


9th January 2020


On Gem Forge, the FP Cost price will update dynamically depending on FP reduction bonuses, so it is always accurate on how much you're spending.

5% Chance to not use FP upon success now requires 40->70 forging level.

10% Chance to not damage a gem upon failure now requires 70->40 forging level.


8th January 2020


TheForger conquest changed from requiring 100k FP to 30k FP.

Forge Bonuses applied to each forge rank:

Whelp(10): +1 Forge Bonus,

Novice(25): +2 Forge Bonus, -5% FP Cost

Apprentice(40): +3 Forge Bonus, 5% Chance for gem upgrade to cost nothing

Journeyman(55): +4 Forge Bonus, -10% FP Cost

Adept(70): +5 Forge Bonus, 10% Chance to not damage a gem upon failure

Expert(85): +6 Forge Bonus, -15% FP Cost

Master(100): +7 Forge Bonus, Increased Chance to Double-Upgrade Gem

All bonuses stack with professions and accessories.


24th December 2019

New round has started! Balance changes to the game:


Forge has been way too strong, so the following changes will be made:

Added a very small chance to shatter the gem no matter the grade.

Forge level is reworked. Max level is 100, with upgrading gems forgeLevel-locked:

2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 require a forge level of 1 (Slacker) / 10 (Whelp) / 25 (Novice) / 40 (Apprentice) / 55 (Journeyman) / 70 (Adept) / 85 Expert / 100 (Master).

Added titles for each rank too, viewable when checking masteries. A message will display once you unlock a new grade to forge.

Trying to forge gems out of your level will display an error, with no FP lost or gem being degraded.

Additionally, the upgrade formula has been refactored due to a cap of 100 now, but professions and accessory forge bonuses will now stack!

If further tweaks need to be made since past 100 will have no effect, I can think of a few things but I think I have it in a better place than before.

Intent is NOT to kill forge, just not make it super overpowered with people having 50+ ^9s by level 13k like I saw in past rounds.



Major rebalancing of accessories that give drop chance, gold, and experience. Been a thorn in the game for several rounds now, so will address them as such:


Chalice of Luck: 50% Drop Chance ---> 25% Drop Chance

Circlet of Kings: 150% Exp ---> 100% Exp. Rest unchanged. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Gandalf Hat: 50% Experience ---> 25% Exp. Conquest Req 300 ---> 100

Prophecy Sphere: 200% Gold / 10x Hit Chance ---> 125% Gold / 6x Hit Chance. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Ali Carpet: 150% Drop Chance ---> 100% Drop Chance. AC unchanged. Conquest Req 50 ---> 30

Shimlarian Sphere: 200% Exp / 200% Gold / 200 AC / 10 IC / 5x Hit Chance ---> 150% Exp / 150% Gold / 150 AC / 25 IC / 3x Hit Chance

Dragonstone Necklace: 100% Exp / 150% Drop Chance / 200% Gold ---> 50% Exp / 100% Drop Chance / 150% Gold

Goblin Wolf Amulet: No change, but will provide +900% Mastery Chance when BonusTime is NOT active

Midas Prophecy: 250% Gold ---> 200% Gold

Ring of Forging: 10% Forge Ability / -15% FP Cost ---> +2 Forge Bonus / -10% FP Cost


Kings Crown: 100% Exp / 25 IC ---> 60% Exp. 25 IC dropped, instead it comes with ONE fang^9 of choice

Enhanced Chalice of Luck: 350% Drop Chance / 100 AC ---> 150% Drop Chance. 100 AC dropped, instead comes with dual FT^9s

Enhanced Kings Crown: 175% Exp / 35 IC / 5x Hit Chance ---> 120% Exp. IC and HC dropped, instead comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC ---> 75% Exp / 50% Drop Chance / 25% Gold / 10 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Golden Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC 2x ---> 150% Exp / 100% Drop Chance / 50% Gold / 20 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

GIANT Chalice of Kings: ECOL + EKC 4x ---> 225% Exp / 150% Drop Chance / 75% Gold / 30 AC; comes with TWO grade^9 gems of choice

Enhanced Ring of Forging: 20% Forge Ability, -25% FP Cost / 16.7% FP loss chance on fail instead of 25% ---> +4 Forge Bonus / -15% FP Cost / 20% instead of 25%



All professions with a quest timer bonus have been reduced by -1h, except for First Shimlarian God and forge bonuses changed.

Adventurer / Skywalker / God of Thunder / God of Love / Demi-God / Immortal are now 2->1 / 3->2 / 2->1 / 3->2 / 5->4 / 6->5 quest timer reductions.

Blacksmith / God of Hunting are now 4-5% / 15% ---> +2 Forge Bonus / +3 Forge Bonus



Quest rewards are too giving in certain areas of the game. Instead of reducing what you can get from them, I chose to modify the Quest Timer instead.

Instead of the quest timer ranging from 2-12 hours depending on level, it will now be 2-20 hours depending on level.

QuestMaster days given a 10% chance for double reduction timer as a result also.

Malachite^8 and ^9 have changed from -7h / -9h to -6h / -8h.

Bribing the questmaster with malachites has been adjusted due to the other changes (grades 1-8).

Before: 500 / 1k / 2k / 5k / 10k / 15k / 25k / 200k for each malachite grade level limit.

Now: 500 / 1.5k / 3k / 7k / 20k / 50k / 100k / 200k



To address common complains and the accessory changes, some conquest requirements have changed.

Retired Knight, Mysterious Mage, Pirate Captain, Necromancer, Wise Ruler, Djinn requirements changes from:

100 Rusty Parts / 300 Demonic Tears / 12 Map Pieces & Crates of Rum / 50 Gold Bars / 50 Dwarven Silver / 50 Elven Perchments to

60 Rusty Parts / 100 Demonic Tears / 8 Map Pieces & Crates of Rum / 30 Gold Bars / 30 Dwarven Silver / 30 Elven Perchments



Drop Order has been randomized. The drop check order is gems / shadows / purse / clan mines. Instead of:

Gem / Shadow / Purse / Mine drop order (if one drops, it skips others), it is now:

Randomized between Gem / Shadow / Purse / Mine and Shadow / Gem / Purse / Mine

The higher BT is, the more the drop order is noticably favoring gems (since it is always checked first) so this fixes that issue.

Fires of Hell will always check shadows first. Other shadow-specific zones stay randomized.


25th November 2019


Added new command - /updates you can view in game to see all changes I've been adding since I started. Will always update with every change as it won't always be on login page.

New Gem Types - Added Tigers Eye, Dragon Tear, Demon Tear to the game. See /gems for details.

Removed Illusionist, Wraith, Executioner, Champion, Colossus, Scoundrel from quest pool. 24 mobs for quests now. No rarity changes.

Added Bank quick withdrawals - 12345, 40k, 100k, 1M, 50M, 50B, 50T, 50Q. 1M+ only show up if you have enough banked gold.

Shrine now only shows zones you meet the level requirement for.


20th November 2019


We are welcoming in a new round reset at 23:00 UK Time today

Changes are as follows:

I implore everyone to read the following information listed within the store: HERE


9th November 2019


Boots are now fully functionaly! Drops shadows, can Myth, Ancest, and Godly them. Credit to Fred (Bowman)!


5th November 2019


New Legendary Conquest: The Great Conquistador! Very long quest that gives an accessory to improve conquest drops. Check out /acc and /conquest for the updated lists and rewards.

Ancestral Leggings and Gauntlets no longer lose AC - Credit to Fred (Bowman)

Added /high and /oas to the Command List


26th October 2019


We welcome in a new round, the game has been reset!


30th September 2019


Gear is now interchangable, meaning you do not have to unequip gear to equip new gear

Does not apply to Right Hand, Left Hand, Spell One, Spell Two for now.


26th September 2019


New Conquests are being added! Will list them here as they are implemented.

Manic Miner - 1,3 in Gem Mine(2700) - Requires: 7.5k Lumber, Stone, Clay, Sand - Reward: A nice ^5 Gem

Fangtastic! - 3,3 in 300 Gems(3999) - Requires: 150 Black Fangs (Zoned) - Reward: Dragon or Demon Fang ^6

Pelagon Hunt! - 1,0 in Pelagon Palace(5000) - Requires: 200 Pelagon Scales (Zoned), 25k FP - Reward: 25k All Stats

More To Come!!


25th September 2019


Stat boosting conquests will now re-apply their reward upon reincarnating/changing profession (Except Gem Hunter).


23rd September 2019


Added customized conquest item drop message. Will display what item you dropped and how many you now have.

Adjusted drop rates of zones 5k+ to help improve balance and game speed.


21st September 2019


Game has been reset!


12th September 2019


Re-added Tracker Academy to the game. Be sure to check out its evolution with /clanmisc


8th September 2019


Added 12 new specials! These apply to quests and regular killing. Future conquests will use them as well, but that is for later.

View the updated list by using the /specials command in the game!

Updated Rarity System

Previously, you had a 2x lower chance of finding a King or Veteran; 3x finding Fanatic or Villian, and 4x finding Master

Now, you will have a 2x lower chance of finding a Fanatic or Villian, and 3x finding Master, Champion, and Overlord

Added shrine to pyramid 5

Added more mobs to Chellinias Tavern


7th September 2019


The Headhunter Dojo Conquest will now display all masteries instead of a selection to choose from.

Added a Bonus Time Blocker - You can now only upgrade Bonus Time, never downgrade.

Example - 1200% is set. Only an ULTRA or CHAOTIC token will be a valid coin until BT resets. All other coins will give an error message.

Fusion Pieces should no longer overflow into Leg Bones and should always start a new stack if you're maxed.


2nd September 2019


Quest Overhaul is here! Including Gold/Exp rework, Fusion Gems, Shadows, and Accessories added.

Gold, Experience, and Gem Drops have been rebalanced across all zones.

Quests now have 4 regular types - Normal Gold/Exp (C), High Gold/Low Exp (UNC), Low Gold/High Exp (UNC), High Gold/Exp (R),

Quests now have 2 special types (Both Low Gold/Exp) - Item Drop (R) - Regular Gems (C), Fusion Gems (R), or Shadow Gear (R), and Accessory Drop (VR).

When an item drop is determined, the most common roll will still be regular gems. However, it now shares with fusion gems and shadow gear.

Gem Grades have been pushed higher, such as 9s being found at 90k+ now instead of previously 25k+.

Fusion Gem Drops are a rare roll when a gem drop is determined. All fusion gems are included.

Shadow Gear Drops is an uncommon roll to happen instead of a gem drop.

Shadow gear is rolled as I-XX and also has a chance to be mythic, ancestrial, or godly. This is highly dependant on the quest level range though.

For instance, you won't find XX gear at low levels or III gear at high levels; same with myth/ancest/godly gear. The higher your level, the better the shadow gear.

Accessories - There are 25 brand new ones that can only be found in quests! A full list is found through the /acc command.

Accessories will also perform a roll to see if it will gem each slot! This happens at ALL level brackets

When an accessory is determined, there is a chance that it will gem the 1st slot (R). If successful, there is another chance that it'll gem the second slot (VR).

The gem grade is determined on your level, so you might find a gandalf hat(drf4) at lower levels, but at higher levels it could be gandalf hat(drf7)

Possible Gem Rolls - Tour, Citrine, Black Pearl, Dragon Fang, Demon Fang, Frozen Tear, Atamshidade, Lazurite, Obsidian, Zircon

70k+ quests will only have zircon gems in them. The accessory "Goblin Wolf Amulet" will only have cobalt in it.

Quests will now use the proper level up brackets. It isn't perfect yet, so if you don't get the experience, just go attack something and it'll pop up.

(C) - Common; (UNC) - Uncommon; (R) - Rare; (VR) - Very Rare


23th August 2019


Added four new commands -> /clanpower, /clanbonus, /clanmine, /clanmisc

Shows the new clan power, clan bonuses, clan mines, and clan misc buildings that were added to the game.


12th August 2019


Added a LEADER and CO-LEADER tag in clan chat. Leader is gold colored; Co-Leader is Grey colored.

Added Examine to Clan Hall that will display all possible bonuses a clan can get.

Added Examine to Questboard that will display Malachite information - When it stops working & how much it reduces timer.

Since I doubled the quest timer to a max of 12 hours, Malachite gems are boosted in return. See the examine at the Questboard for their new values.

Improved the JACKPOT for higher levels. Will not not be as useless.


10th August 2019


Game has been RESET!

Change Log (Major Clan Additions): Changelog

Full List of Clan Mine and Misc Buildings - Here

Clan Minimum level to enter is 100 -> 150. Creating a Clan is 10M -> 20M gold. Accepting new members costs 1M -> 1M*#ClanMembers.

Tracker Academy is disabled until further notice - ran into issues with it.


29th July 2019


Additional Changes - See Other Changes

Additional changes made while working on new zones.

Most impacting one is 7s,8s, and 9s now have new minimum levels - 10K, 20K, and 35K. Minimum level is displayed with /gems

Credit to fiddlesticks for Tracker Academy and Shim Sphere special monster fix.


29th July 2019


Late-Game Zone Changes - Part 2 See (Warning: Long) Zone Changes

Many new zones added


14th July 2019


Sorts have been improved, credit to FiddleSticks

A-Z will now sort by Z-A if clicked again.

Gems will now sort gems alphabetically, ignoring gear. Also has a reverse.

Gear will now sort gear alphabetically, ignoring gems. Also as a reverse.


12th July 2019


Late-Game Zone Changes - Part 1 See (Warning: Long) Zone Changes

Due to the speed of the current round, I am releasing part 1 of my zone changes for the late-game and beyond.

This is to hopefully help balance zones, make leveling less boring, and overall extend the game further than it currently is, as late-game has been the weak point.

I've done moderate testing throughout the zones due to time restaints, however I hope I have them in a better spot than before. I can make changes as needed.

The short notes - Gems 7-9 are not as easily acquired. Gear XVII is not immediately available upon higher levels.

New zone backgrounds will come after I am completely finished.

In the image, ignore the percents for gold/exp/stat buff/nerfs. Meant to remove them.


10th July 2019


Professions have had a huge makeover, especially the Gods! See Profession Changes

In the wake of end game changes (working on it still), these profession changes will hopefully provide a better dynamic than "Everyone pile on warlord".

Correction for Goddess of Wine - Changed from +250% Mastery Chance to +500% Mastery Chance

End game changes will be posted when they are officially finished.


7th July 2019


Game has been reset! See Round Changes

Additional changes include: Wilderness is now 50x50, End game changes (TBD).


1st July 2019


UPDATE - Boots

Boots are now a new item of equipment!

Do NOT Expect them to drop as a shadow item, they are not within the shadow drop code as they are bugged.

They will work with gems as standard shop bought equipment and provide the same AC as leggings/gauntlets.


29th June 2019


UPDATE - Select a Stat

Added more level ups

New level up tiers have been added - 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1k, 2.5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 2M.

2x and 3x level ups are interfering with 1x level up for some reason, so have been removed for now.


Changed the sort option from "none" to "gear"

Was a tad unclear what none did. This sort option will place gear and shadows on top.


20th June 2019


UPDATE - Changed Purse Drops

Changed drop priority.

Old Drop Priority - Purse, Gem, Shadow, Gem Mine

New Drop Priority - Gem, Shadow, Purse, Gem Mine

What this means is that the game will check if you are to receive a gem or shadow drop now before checking for a purse drop.

This fixes issues with some zones where purse drops were so common, you'd rarely get gems or shadows.


Changed amount of gold dropped

Previously, purse drops were only decent at very low levels, where higher levels you'd get maybe 2M gold which was insufficient.

Now, the gold is properly tied to your level, increasing at different intervals throughout your journey to the top!


Fixed Gauntlet issue

The gauntlet issue with being removed from the inventory, and subsequantly causing the TP to disappear should no longer happen.