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4th Dec, 2022

New round! Previous one lasted for 3 months, 2 days.


Mystic adjustements for all classes

Ancestral adjustements for all classes

Major godly overhaul/rework for all classes

Werewolf is now STR based. Putting points into DEX does nothing.

Primary gems for werewolf are sunstone (instead of opal), dragon fang, moon fang (not required to progress), and wulfenite (instead of lazurite)

Godly Staff/Earth users use Godly Earth/Staff for their equipment (instead of using shield/heals for armor). Your gear setup becomes FT heavy instead of fang heavy.

Godly shield/heal classes are disabled (no accuracy) until I rework them. Ran out of time and staff/earth/shield/heal take more time than the rest.

30th Oct, 2022

Quest Changes:

Fixed issue where renown was ignored in algorithm

Zones level 1-6,000 now spawn 2-4 quests guaranteed

Zones 6,001 to 100,000 now spawn 1-3 quests guaranteed

Zones 100,001+ now spawn 1-2 quests guaranteed

30th Sept, 2022


(NEW) Sunstone (sun) - Increase STR

(NEW) Aquamarine (Aqm) - Steal Enemy STR

(NEW) Sapphire (Sap) - Decrease Enemy STR

(NEW) Wulfenite (wul) - Sapphire + Rogueite fusion

Amber no longer increases STR

Iolite no longer steals enemy STR

Garnet no longer decreases enemy STR

Pyrite now requires Sunstone instead of Amber for fusion

Kunzite now requires Sapphire instead of Garnet for fusion

Kyanite now requires Aquamarine instead of Iolite for fusion


Added Sunstone, Aquamarine, Sapphire to gem drop pool #1

Added Aquamarine to gem drop pool #2

Added Sapphire to gem drop pool #3

Added malachite to gem drop pool #2 & #3 (was previously only on #1)

Gem Drop Pools 4-6 unaffected (fang and more rarer gem pools)

Added Hiddenite + new gems to quest gem pool

Added Wulfenite, Blood Tour, Blood Ruby, Blood Fang to quest fusion gem pool

Starting next round, werewolf will drop sapphire instead of opal as a class gem

Starting next round, werewolf will drop wulfenite instead of laz as a class gem

Gems (not wulfenite) added to clan mine default pool

Added Wulfenite to Precise Mine III, Lucky Mine, Resourceful Mine, Elemental Mine, Fusion Mine, Legendary Mine, Very Rare Metal, Exquisite Clan Mines

Added Wulenite to Nice & Superb Gem lists

Added Sapphire to Very Nice Gem lists

Added new gems to common Rock Polish pool

Added Sapphire to uncommon Rock Polish pool

Added Wulfenite to special Rock Polish pool

Fusion Machine: Aquamarine + Sunstone = Sapphire

Fusion Machine: Sapphire + Rogueite = Wulfenite

Added Wulenite to Dwarven, Manic Miner, Bone Collector 2 conquests.

Added Sapphire to Fangtasitc & Bone Collector 3 conquests.