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3rd June, 2023

With help from players, changed all race names to make more sense, evolution wise. Can type /races in game for the current ones.

27th May, 2023

Shimlar has reset! Previous Round Length - 2 month, 22 days



Clan Power multiplier reduced from 7x to 5x

Jackpot Removed

BT Modifiers split up into each of the 7 categories, instead of all-in-one

BT Pricing readjusted. Cap is 500% now (max of 800% with 300% regular BT)

Moonfang can now be dropped by ANY class in the drt/det gem pool (1% chance)

Estate Sharing is removing due to upcoming estate changes (some are in, but nothing to do yet)

8th April, 2023

Recent Changes:

Added a new game mode: Ironman!

Full details are on the dropdown at character creation.

Self sufficient account - You do everything yourself with minimal help

Can purchase BT buffs at Royal University (same spot as inventory). Up to a max of 700%!

Max cap of 1000% with Bonus Time modifiers (PBT is disabled)

5th April, 2023

Recent Changes:

Added dropdown for mass mything to select max IC you want to myth.

Fixed bug with PBT giving too many buffs on initial trigger. Increased max to 300% once top player hits 3M

Modified all emotes (/like, etc) to be targeted. /like [name]. Old ones still work too.

Buffed Godly Air & Axe from IC 15 to 18. Buffed Godly Claws from 1.5 / 0.2 / 1.5 to 2.5 / 0.3 / 2.5

Fixed newer str gems for wolf on pebble machine. Text was not applied to them.

Added ability in settings to switch 'new fight' to left side.

Shields now give a 10% IC Debuff if you have godly earths equipped instead of 0. Fixed issue with 1x weapon / 1x shield not working at all.

Updated the CLASS TYPE ERROR to be more precise in what is incorrect.

6th March, 2023

Round has reset! Previous round lasted 3 months.


Quest gold nerfed by 35%. XP buffed by 15%

12th Feb, 2023

Class Changes:

Sword: 1% -> 2.5% Weapon IC

Sword: Godly IC increased from 27 to 37

Axe: Godly IC increased from 12/13 to 15/15

Mace: Godly IC increased from 15 to 20

Air: Godly IC increased from 11/12 to 15/15

Cold: Godly IC increased from 27 to 32

2nd Feb, 2023

Special Monster Changes:

Tier 1 (normal rate): Elder, Fool, King, Merchant, Saint, Undead, Assassin, Defender, Wizard, Harlot, Glutton, Maniac

Tier 2 (3x harder to find): Enigma, Illusionist, Veteran, Fanatic, Mimic, Trainer, Scoundrel, Warlock, Spectre

Tier 3 (6x harder to find): Hero, Villain, Wraith, Guardian, Overlord, Brute

Tier 4 (12x harder to find): Colossus, Executioner, Champion

Tier 5 (Special Tier): Master, Reaper

Executioner: +7 Weapon / -1 Armor to 10 Weapon / -2 Armor

Wraith: 1x stats to 2x stats

Maniac: 1x stats to 2x stats

Wizard: 1x stats to 2x stats

Fanatic: +1 all to +2 all (fun fact, was only +1 AC this whole time)

Champion: +1 Armor to +4 Armor

Tracker Academy Changes:

I-II: No special monster equality

III+: T2 special monster equality

VI+: T2-3 special monster equality

IX+: T3-4 special monster equality

Brute (profession): T2-3 Special Monster Equality

/specials command updated to reflect tier list. Also a splash of fresh paint on it.

Any future special monster additions will likely be T4 or T5 only.

13th Jan, 2023

Expanded purses to account for end game content past 250k. See /purse for details