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17th February, 2024

I adjusted the experience rates of quests in all zones 430k+. Some zones such as jura forest, pelagon quagmire, and temple of veshan are nerfed, but all the others are pretty much buffs. PER is unaffected, since that is the last zone and no changes needed. I will hit all exp zones eventually, but for now the target was 430k-15M range.

5th January, 2024

Malachite gems are now tradeable if you are out of the level range to use them. (/mala command)

2nd December, 2023

Round reset! Last one went from Sept 2 - Dec 2 Changelog:

Adjusted gem drops of 7+ zones. 8s now start at 100k (was 50k) and 9s start at 400k (was 165k). 7s were a bit skipped so spreading them out a little more. Full change list can be found on the discord channel. Smash rates are also 100k/500k for 7/8s now. [NEW]

Removed 10-1, 5-1, 1-5, 1-10 options from resource market to reduce resource trading between allies. [NEW]

Changed all zone resource drop rates to 1/150. This will change later but been making adjustments due to Estate and wanted to eliminate things like Alexandria being 1/10 or Naturia Forest being 1/25 [NEW]

A wiki manual is now live! There's more to do for it, but the bulk of information is displayed there. now exists! Found here [11/2]

Shady Merchant has appeared in Hall of Veterans & Gate of Oblivion. In exchange for his services, he requires silver & gold (resources). Careful though you don't get scammed! [11/2]

You can now clear the chat in the bottom left of the screen [10/30]

EoM buyable accessories have revamped their prices and reworked elemental amulets. [10/8]

Added a resource clan bonus. Provides +5/10/15/20/25 bonus to all sources for 25/50/75/100/125 clan power [10/1]

Added additional information to /class, such as gems [9/22]

Added estate buffs to battle info [9/20]

Fixed resource market issue where under certain conditions, you would not receive anything [9/19]

Added the color schemes to all inventory dropdowns for gem/shadows (clan armory, inv, estate) [9/16]

Added wulfenite to Dwarven Explorer & Manic Miner conquests [9/15]

Temple of Chaos now drops only grade 2 gems [9/11]

Estate tax has been reduced to be more reasonable [9/7]

8th October, 2023

Some bug fixes and buyable accessory changes/reworks:

To see these changes, click (open it in a new tab else doesn't work) here

3rd October, 2023

Updates for the past 2 months:

New Clan Power: Resource boost! Applies a 5/10/15/20/25% buff to resources gained for resource locations and drops (10/1)

Added class gem information to the /class command (9/22)

Added estate buffs to battle info (9/20)

Fixed resource market issue where you would not receive what you traded for under certain cirumstances (9/19)

Added color scheme to inventory/estate/clan armory drop downs to match colors of equipped items (9/16)

Added wulfenite to Dwarven Explorer and Manic Miner conquests (9/15)

Changed Temple of Chaos zone to drop only grade 2 gems (9/11)

Reduced the price of estate tax from 40% -> 10% to 30% -> 5% and reduced the cost to 1/2/3/4/5k of each resource (9/7)

Added new estate building: Cemetary! Saves free levels and gold on death with 10 tiers, with a cap of 20% levels and 10% gold. Free levels must be 10 or more to trigger. (8/14)

Reduced estate minimum donation requirement from 100 to 10 (8/14)

Added a 40% tax to estate for donating resources. Can pay resources to reduce the tax down to 10% (8/11)

Estate tax added to donated resources: 40% with paying resources to reduce it down to 10%. Displays under storage. (9/7)